Rojak Design, leading innovation in the design of ladder stabiliser products.


The Ladder Industry's first choice

The Rojak Stopper helps prevent a ladder sliding out at the bottom, by vastly increasing the base surface area in contact with the floor, being kept in place by the weight of the user.

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Reinventing the ladder

Increasing the safe use of ladders for all professional users especially Painters and Decorators, Window Cleaners, Builders, Security and Aerial installers.

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For the Refrigeration Industry

The Rojak Freezer Steps are specially designed to gain safe access to the tops of refrigeration cabinets where standard access equipment wouldn't be suitable.

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Find a Rojak Stockist

You can easily find your nearest Rojak stockist with our interactive map; simply enter your town or postcode and it will bring up a Rojak stockists near you.

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Rojak offer a one-stop shop for all your ladder safety and stability needs

With our years of experience in the ladder industry, we are always available for your questions and ladder stability needs