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We class ladders as being either naked (Traditional) or Enhanced. Most Traditional ladders need to be secured as they rely totally on friction to keep them in place. These Rojak products will enhance your ladder to make it safer.


The Stopper comes in sizes to fit any width of ladder and works as a non slip stabiliser on flat surfaces


The MutiStopper totally secures a ladder on virtually any surface as it lifts it off the ground and the weight of the user clamps it into position. It also levels


The Trijak Ladder is a ladder with integrated Trijak Feet which offers the same anti bottom slip of the Stopper but also helps level.

Specialist Refrigeration Access

The Rojak Freezer Platform steps are specialist equipment for use in the Refrigeration Industry for accessing the tops of Freezer cabinets in supermarkets. They can also be used in the factory process whilst manufacturing this refrigeration equipment.

The Rojak Design product range is engineered to stabilise and enhance ladder safety. Our aim is to install confidence into the next time you or your employees use a ladder by creating an all-round safer experience for everyone. Browse the whole range below, or use the menu above in red to narrow down the products to your exact requirements. If you have any questions, please just get in touch.

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