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Rojak Design was founded in 1990 by Designer Barrie Weatherall who two years previously in 1988 had invented a ladder stabiliser "The Stopper". Unable to find any ladder manufacturer interested enough to want to take it on as a product and long before Dragons Den we had to go it alone.

Since 1990 Rojak Design has invested heavily in Research and Development, Patents, Testing and Tooling and in 1993 we were the only manufacturer to be invited to demonstrate a ladder stabiliser to the HSE at their laboratories(HSL) at Buxton. In 1995 Rojak Design was the founder member of the Ladder Systems Manufacturers' Association (LaSMA) which is a small Trade Association of Stabiliser and Ladder Manufacturers keen to further the development of safe ladder systems.

As an Association we were involved with HSL in their initial workshop research into the issue of Ladder Stability which in turn lead to the formal work carried out by Loughborough University and the subsequent Loughborough Report. This report became the back up evidence for the Ladder requirements set out in the HSE Operational Circular 200 30 for HSE Inspectors.

29 years on and Rojak Design is the market leader in designing innovative ladder stability products. As a company we have stockists across the UK including most Ladder Manufacturers and we have been supplying Stability products for 20 years to companies such as BT, Everest, Chubb, and British Gas.

We have now branched out into designing safe access steps and ladders in cooperation with various UK ladder manufacturers including our new Safe Ladder which passes the Loughborough Stability Test

UK ladder manufacturers and professional bodies

We have a very good working relationship with UK ladder manufacturers as well as trade and professional bodies such as the Health and Safety Executive, BSI and CITB. Rojak Design was the founder member of The Ladder Systems Manufacturers Association (LaSMA) which is a trade association of stabiliser and ladder manufactures all keen to further the development of safe ladder systems.

Rojak Design research, testing, design and patenting

We have invested heavily in researching, testing designing and patenting our products. Rojak Design holds over 20 patents in UK, the principal industrial countries of Europe, USA and Australia; as well as numerous registered Trade marks and copyrights.

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