Product Ref Code: FZ05 

Folding Bridging Platform 

Manufactured from BS compliant materials and constructed to BS EN 131 parts 1, 2, 3 and 7. 

Stiles: 84 x 30mm and 47 x 35mm U channels Pultruded composite channel section yellow OE851. The stiles are composed approximately 50% glassfibre, 50% thermosetting Isopthallic polyester resin with added colour pigments and ultra violet inhibitors. The glassfibre mats and rovings are impregnated with liquid thermosetting resin mixtures and then automatically formed into the required size and shape. The strength of the finished material is gained from the positions of the fore mentioned mats and rovings which form alternate layers. Construction: Resin system Isopthallic polyester. Reinforcement: Unidirectional "E" glass core 300gsm mat sandwiched between inner and outer layers of 450gsm "E" glass mat. Testing: BS2782-304 and ASTM D790 3 point flexural bend test 16 to 1 to depth ratio. ATSM D 149 typical voltage breakdown through GRP stiles fitted with aluminium rungs at 254mm & 300mm centres is 100KV x 25 dry conditions. 2500 ATSM D 570 water absorption:- less than 20% Treads Both Aluminium (manufactured from 6005A T6 applicable BS EN standards) and glassfibre treads (as per stile spec) have serrated faces for excellent non-slip properties. General: The characteristics of glassfibre are phenomenal compared to the physical properties of other structural materials. The ultimate tensile strength of the material contained in the fibreglass is 30,000 psi minimum. Fibreglass performs satisfactorily in temperatures between -65 and 150 degrees F. 


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