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Don't slip up!

It's now 25 years since work started on the new EN131 Standard for ladders and it was supposed to be a ladder with in built stability. The only improvement the ladder industry could come up with was to widen the base of the ladder by adding a wide bar. This has done nothing to help eliminate bottom slip; all it has done is retain the same feet only wider apart and make the ladder even more difficult to handle.

Rojak Design makes a variety of stabilisers which can be used with any ladder. These work on the following principle; if a ladder is dangerous standing on the ground then take the feet off the ground! All three of our main stabilisers work by standing the ladder on the stabilisers. This way any movement within the ladder which would normally encourage the ladder to slip (because it is standing on the ground) dissipates through the stabiliser.

[1] Ladder Stopper is a high quality aluminium T piece encased in high traction

rubber/ plastic. The upright Fin slope the ladder slipping outwards.

[2] MultiStopper lifts the ladder off the ground and tightly traps it in the framework. The ladder user’s own weight keeps it all in position.

[3] Trijak ladder Triangular levelling feet absorb all movement because of the patented axle system

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