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Rojak Platform Freezer Steps

Rojak Platform Freezer Steps Safe Access Equipment

This Freezer Platform Step has been specially designed to safely access the tops of refrigeration cabinets where standard access equipment wouldn't be suitable. Both British and European Standards have been incorporated into the design of this industrial equipment  to ensure stability and long life expectancy.

These steps are acceptable to HSE and supermarkets for use in “Live shops” with both Freezer well cabinet and Standard ones.

The Steps are also suitable for  other industries such as above cookers and heated cabinets in the catering Industry, also accessing  utility Van roofs for when fitting out.

  • 1 minute easy set up
  • Hygienic access to the top of cabinets.
  • Bridges over the Freezer Wells
  • Non- Conductive construction
  • Safe 400mm x 760mm working platform
  • Forward facing outriggers with adjustable feet
  • Highly visible
  • Three points of contact at all times
  • Heavy Duty

We were approached in 2009 by the Chief Safety Officer of a large Refrigeration Company who had a problem accessing the tops of Cabinets with half doors above Freezer Wells. These Freezer Wells present an obstacle in positioning standard access equipment to reaching the top of the cabinets. We designed these steps with outriggers that pass under the wells to provide support for the extended platform.

Furthermore there is a constant problem in the Refrigeration Industry accessing cabinets in Supermarkets when the shop is “live” – full of people. These customised steps are substantial, insulated, easy to move about and above all highly visible.

In accordance with the 2005 UK Work at Heights Regulations this product reduces the risk of potential falls from height by giving the user:-


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