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The Rojak Stopper

The Rojak Stopper Bottom Stability, Stopper

The Rojak Stopper base stabiliser is designed to stop a ladder sliding out at the bottom, which is achieved by vastly increasing the surface area in contact with the floor. Rather than two small rubber feet, your weight is spread across the large rubber base that covers the T shaped aluminium section, making slip or flip a thing of the past. It also means that you don't need to have someone footing the ladder while it is use, allowing them to do something more productive

Available in a range of sizes to suit your particular size of ladder:-

When fitted to the bottom of the ladder prevents

    • Bottom slip
    • Flip


    STO 18 Light Trade/ DIY  Stopper

    - Dimensions - 18 inches (457mm) long x 8 inches (203mm) wide
    - Suitable for ladders up to 16 inches (406mm) wide.
    - Weight 2.18 kg

    STO 24 Industrial Trade Stopper

    - Dimensions -24 inches (609mm) long x 8 inches (203mm) wide
    - Suitable for ladders up to 22 inches (559 mm) wide.
    - Weight 2.83kg

    STO 30 USA Stopper

    - Dimensions - 30 inches (762mm) long x 8 inches(203mm) wide
    - Suitable for ladders up to 28 inches (711mm) wide.
    - Weight 3.55kg

    STO 36 Euro Industrial Stopper

    - Dimensions - 36 inches (914 mm) long x 8 inches (203mm) wide
    - Suitable for ladders up to 24 inches(863mm) wide.
    - Weight 4.25kg


  • The Stopper was the first Base Ladder Stabiliser manufactured in the World.
  • Simple to Use
  • Extruded Aluminium T piece made to BS base over moulded with high traction material
  • Robust shape and hard wearing material will  last over 10 years in normal use
  • The Stopper’s Weight starts at just 2kg
  • Sizes to fit all ladders
  • Works on flat smooth surfaces as long as they are free of ice, grease or loose materials; for instance do not use on loose grit on a hard surface, or if using a dust sheet whilst painting indoors the Stopper must stand on the floor not on the dust sheet.

“The Stopper” is a Registered Trade mark and the product has been on the market for 25 years. Made simply from a British Standard Aluminium T Piece over moulded with High Traction material it was one of the first Ladder Stabilisers in the world. For the last 15-20 years it has been a key element in ladder safety policy for both BT and British Gas allowing them to comply with the 2005 WAHR


In 2004 Loughborough University carried out extensive research into ladder stability to identify the common ladder failure modes. They also came up with a new term- a naked ladder. This is one made up of just the three simple elements Stiles (legs) rungs and feet. Although the stiles and rungs are made to a Standard the only specification for ladder feet is that they are made of “non slip material”; there is no further definition of this. When you add a Stopper it becomes an Enhanced Ladder

Mode 1 Bottom slip

Climbing up and down a ladder cause it to bounce slightly and on smooth  low friction surfaces it can creep out from the wall and eventually collapse catastrophically. When the ladder is standing on a Stopper any up and down movement on the ladder is absorbed by the Stopper. The Stopper isn’t kept in place just by friction but also the weight of the user is converted into force downwards by the Aluminium Tpiece throughout the whole area providing extra grip

Mode 2 Sideways slip

Contrary to popular belief this rarely happens, however what does happen is this;

Mode 3 Flip

The Users centre of gravity (belt buckle) should be kept within the stiles of the ladder. Anyone reaching far out to, say, the left will hang on tightly to the right hand stile. This will pull the Stile off the wall at the top and the ladder can then rotate around the bottom of the left hand stile – leading to Flip. The Aluminium upright of the Stopper prevents the ladder from Flipping

Mode 4  Backwards off the wall

Using a Stopper with the ladder at 65° instead of 75° is not only more comfortable but also safer as more force is transferred into the wall.

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